GameJet: A New Blockchain Gaming Solution With TRC-20-BasedTokens

We believe that blockchain gaming is emerging at an impressive rate as the gaming sector is all setting up its pace to become a major on boarding ramp to blockchain exclusively for the masses. Though the development of high-performance industry seems critical while talking about the coming fruition. This is where GameJet Network has made its entry into the play.

GameJet holds a mission to effortlessly develop a gaming ecosystem using its native JETtoken with blockchain technology. The platform is propagating the use, awareness, and understanding of the advantages of tokenized game development.

We are also making good use of the game play protocols to efficiently build a thriving community of gamers, players, investors,developers, and enthusiasts. GameJet is in action to offer the uniquely designed TRC-20 based JET tokens further integrated on diverse blockchain gaming platforms seamlessly without any limitations.

This project will revolutionize the outlook of the entire virtual payments enabling any gamers to use the token and assets for transactions on multiple integrated gaming solutions. We choose the best for our people! You can try it on!

Take Your Game to the Next Level with GameJet

JET is basically a native token of the GameJet blockchain gaming network to introduce a decentralized online gaming protocol. GameJet gives you an opportunity to use its platform to the utmost benefits:

Play Games: Build blockchain to create, design, develop, and play unstoppable games and reward developers and platers;

JET Economy: Hold JET tokens in your wallet and attain the high price estimated to X50 in a year;

NFT Model: A reliable marketplace for NFT games to repeatedly use JET tokens with partnered holders.

Jet Tokenomics

· Token Name: GameJet

· Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 JET token

· Circulating Supply: 1,000,000,000 JET token

· Platform: TRC20 Tron Blockchain

· Symbol: JET

· Contract: TRAuXHmxGYTM73ZuKQnAtSYTDuDMine1BJ

Out of 1 billion token supply, the proportion of 40% tokens are raised for Public Sale, 20% of the tokens are allotted for Liquidity Lock purpose, the other 20% JET tokens are assigned for the Initial Burn, resp. The next 2-% of the JET token is kept for Transaction Burn, whereas 40% token supply is assigned to the Presale program, and 20% is raised for Devs and Marketing reasons. Once the proportions are decided, we are all set to list JET tokens on more than 5 exchange platforms.

Talking about the technical level, we have faced many hindrances while developing attractive blockchain-powered games for the main stream. However, at present, the blockchain game developers are facing issues with high transaction fees, slow transaction times, and poor user experience.

The above-mentioned issues have led DApps to unintuitive, slow, and uninteresting fixtures that cannot handle complex gameplay. Such games are not attractive enough to mainstream users who are already used to a sophisticated, streamlined, and intuitive gaming experience.

Analysing and fixing the sorted problems has resulted in a technical bottleneck to adoption. Therefore, solutions that GameJet is developing will mainly facilitate a seamless sophisticated blockchain gaming experience.

Check out the core milestones for GameJet:

Ø Attain Partnerships with major game developers

Ø Gain 50K gamers by first quarters

Ø Fundraise efficient developments

Ø Sophisticated protocol developments

Ø 3 Year platform development

Ø Reputed and reliable core development team

The Way Beyond Gaming: GameJet Powering the Gaming Blockchain Ecosystem

We are very excited to become the clear go-to platform for global gaming decentralized applications. To believe there’s much more to the GameJet ecosystem than just basic gaming. As a general-purpose platform, our project will power major DApps with more than 20 applications builton GameJet Network.

Not only the performance, but we’ve also seen a huge improvement in interest from Defi developers to utilize GameJet’s main network solution. Specifically in the midst of the exponentially rising fees on the Tron main chain. You might agree to the fact that there are already multiple Defi projects trying to create and launch innovative solutions on GameJet to advance the decentralized finance revolution.

Within a very short period of time, we have capably made our stance in this gaming industry. GameJet is planning to launch various multi-million dollar decentralized financial incubator program to provide the innovator’s assistance. GameJet will carefully offer financial and business development support along with additional benefits.

Indeed, the interest in the program is overwhelming; you can expect many more ground-breaking updates are on their way!

Final Verdict

Our blockchain games will utilize distinct levels of decentralization as part of the main mechanics. Through the tokenization of gameplay merging with smart contracts, we will demonstrate the true ownership of digital assets/items. This tech protocol will also allow a player-driven economy,cross-game interoperability, and play-to-earn gaming models. Key features you can dig in:

o True Digital Ownership

o Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

o Interoperability

o Safety and Privacy

o Decentralized Assets Exchange

o Player Driven Economy

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